How Clever Marketing is Turning Us Into Mindless Consumers…and Why it’s Time to WAKE UP.

Why should you read this blog, or buy the eBook?
Maybe you’re just fed up with all the advertising in our society. Maybe you’re tired of handing your hard-earned money over to someone who is laughing all the way to the bank. Or you can’t be bothered trying to figure it all out. You yearn for clear, credible information that tells you what you’re buying, who you’re buying it from, and where and how it was made. To top it all off, there are a gazillion new messages targeting you on-line, and you’re getting wary and suspicious of all offers, even legitimate ones.

You’re ready to wake up.
Savvy shoppers all over the world are waking up to the reality that we, as a consumer society, are being manipulated by clever advertising techniques, seduced into buying stuff we don’t really want or need, and persuaded that we must spend money in order to stimulate the economy. We’ve been so conditioned to advertising that many of us aren’t even aware of its presence anymore. And some of us think that it’s “cool” to wear brand logos, offering ourselves as free mobile billboards for corporate advertising. What’s wrong with this picture?


How the book happened.
A red flag went up in my mind when I noticed that young women were happily wearing brand logos on their derrieres. Say what now? When did we agree to be billboards for the advertising world? This was an eye-opener for me. After a 35-year career in advertising, I turned a critical eye on the industry and realized just how successful we have been. So successful that we, the consumers, don’t even notice it anymore.

page2I started talking to family and friends, then complete strangers. I told them about the advertising tricks I had learned, and cautioned them to be extra careful about the clever techniques we use to separate them from their money. Of course, in the ad industry, we don’t call it money, we call it “disposable income.” And we call consumers “target groups.” Most North Americans are blissfully unaware of what goes on behind the scenes – some of us prefer to remain that way. But not everyone. My friends were interested in what I had to say. Write a book! they kept insisting. So I did.

This blog and book is for you, the consumer who cares. I’m still on a mission to create better advertising, but now I’m also on a mission to create better consumers.

The Internet has changed everything, and while we’re waiting for the dust to settle, there’s an opportunity for us to start voting with our wallets, and make a real change in the power dynamics between corporations and consumers.

Coming soon: Marketing, My Ass – the ebook.

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7 thoughts on “How Clever Marketing is Turning Us Into Mindless Consumers…and Why it’s Time to WAKE UP.

  1. Hi Lorrie … a friend pointed me to your recent article on adblocking. After reading it I thought you might be interested in a final solution. I am predicting that we will have a Public Media Revolution. I am asking for a single payer advertising-free streaming media service in Canada that is under democratic control in that micropayments to the content owners will be based on use of content. Canada by doing this will change media and democracy for the better for ever. If you ever want to write about this you are welcome to share my thoughts on this which I have posted at this link – … also if you want to discuss this with me the email link at the site goes directly to me.
    thank you
    Breezy Brian Gregg
    No Ads Canada

  2. Your book is a generous sharing of knowledge. Now that I am informed and inspired I’ll pass along my ‘precious copy’ to others so they too can be inspired. And when I am tempted to make a purchase I’ll remember to “STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN”……

    • Thanks so much, Cathy, for sharing your impressions. I love that you are going to “pay it forward” and would encourage others to do the same. Also very glad that you understood what to do at that intersection called “Should I buy it?”. A timely message at this time of year.

  3. Hello Lorrie,
    Your sister Lynn is a very good friend of mine. She just informed of your book. Sounds like you stepped back as the comment goes “you step back from the forest to see the trees..Soiunds like an intersting book to read. It is always helpful when someone has experienced the outcome and give a honest feedback. I will keep up with your blog and when Lynn has read a few chapters and updated me then I may order you book only reason I state this is that I am on a very tight budget.. However I look forward to hear more about your book, Eddie Smith (Victoria)

    • Thank you, Eddie, for taking time to pass on your comments. That’s an excellent analogy – stepping back from the forest. And yes, I’m hoping to point out the trees, particularly the ones dazzling us with glitter. Perhaps Lynn will lend you her copy, and I hope to make the digital version more affordable for those of us (including me) on a tight budget. Here’s to smarter shopping!

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