So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

It’s interesting that comedians have become our truth-seekers. Following in the footsteps of pioneer Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, associates Stephen Colbert and John Oliver continue the curious crusade – using humour to point out how incredibly sad we are.

In the excerpt below*, John Oliver picks on Dr. Oz and explains the murky reality behind the regulation of dietary supplements and vitamins. It’s worth a watch, just to be reminded of how gullible we are when it comes to highly-visible professionals. The media tags everything – they call this one the “Dr. Oz Effect.” Oprah and her circle of friends (chosen how? Does Oprah have insights that we don’t? What is her talent anyway, beyond being everyone’s best friend?); they all seem to enjoy instant credibility. Oprah’s book recommendations had the power to create overnight bestsellers. Dr. Oz mentions a product and sales shoot through the roof. Dr. Phil has enjoyed similar influence over his mesmerized audiences. Why do we think these people have more knowledge and wisdom than anyone else? Once we like someone, we want to believe everything they tell us. 

I’m glad that we have cynical comedians on board to help balance the pendulum of “celebrity” power. Try thinking for yourself, instead of blindly following the advice of someone just because they’re in front of a camera. Question everything.

*Go to original post if link appears as code instead of embedded video.


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