Ellen Slaps Bic Silly

It’s great when a celebrity like Ellen can use her show to highlight the stupidity of marketers who don’t understand their consumers. Here she takes a hilarious stab at the Bic Pen for Women. What? A pen for women, you say? It’s about time! (Sorry Ellen, I stole your line.)

Even though this clip is two years out, it’s still worth seeing now. Someone actually believed that women would pay double the amount of an ordinary pen for a pink or purple one made “just for women.” Because, if you must know, all other pens are “just for men.” Or at least, that’s what they want you to believe, if only for the briefest of moments while your brain and breasts collide at the cash register. I’m slightly embarrassed on behalf of Bic, who went wildly off track on this one. Do people even use pens any more?

Here’s Ellen’s brilliant put-down, and for even more reality, go see the scathing and equally funny comments that women threw at Amazon, where the Bic Pen for Women is being sold and ridiculed worldwide.


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