Face It. Facebook Is Two-Faced.

How are you liking Facebook these days? If you are one in a billion, you’re there at least once a day to see what friends are up to, and lately you’ve been “liking” the organizations and businesses that you want to follow. Nothing wrong with that, right?

But let’s see what else you’re being exposed to, indirectly. If you look at the Facebook page clip below, you’ll see a handy menu on the left for your favorite apps, friends and interests. On the right, Facebook has added a TRENDING block, where you can get diverted from your inner circle to the wider web of popular news items,  presumably tailored to the interests identified when you filled out that fun little Facebook quiz. Beneath that is the SPONSORED portion Facebook recently added. Advertising direct to you, based again on your data.


Today, Ad Age announced a deal worth “hundreds of millions of dollars” for advertising agency Publicis, who will be given access to Facebook data so that their clients can post “video ads” (a high-tech name for the lowly television commercial) on your page and on Instagram as well.

Well, I guess people were so happy to have televisions in their homes that they put up with the advertising as a trade-off. That was in the 1950s – and I honestly can’t believe that we’re going through this all over again.

But this is exactly how and why it works. If someone were to point this out and suggest that you get off Facebook immediately, you would say they were being “alarmist” and “ridiculous.” We have grown to love our Facebook fix, and we’ll put up with the crap being piled on, little by little. It’s genius! They get us all in one room, whether it’s virtual or real, and then they have a guaranteed captive audience.

Gotchya. Now… who wants to sign up for that Free Rich Dad Workshop?

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