Red Flags For Readers

It’s been a busy month for companies getting caught red-handed and advertisers scratching their heads to find solutions. I’m happy to pass these alerts along to the discerning consumers following this blog, and pleased to report that we have over 100 new subscribers. Please share your thoughts and insights if you have a moment.


First, the “ding” bats at Budget Rent-A-Car have been slapped on the wrist for selling so-called “insurance” and then throwing the fine print back in the customer’s face. That’s never a good move, and it’s sure to produce some unhappy results, as it did in BC recently. Story coverage by CBC here.

Second, Kellogg’s has been crying into its cereal bowl because sales of its popular cereal brands are down – and as a result, over 1,000 people will lose their jobs in cut-backs. It seems shoppers are moving to healthier options such as smoothies, and/or enjoying better prices from rival General Mills. But wait! Despite cuts in people and production, there is still enough money to launch a major ad campaign, slated for the spring of 2014. Keep your eyes closed for that one.


Last but not least, a friend handed me a copy of Wheat Belly, authored by Dr. William Davis. I’ve read enough to be outraged about what Dr. Davis is reporting – that wheat fields all over the globe have been transformed, over the past 40 years, into a hybrid “dwarf” strain which most humans have problems digesting. If Dr. Davis is correct, then the epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory diseases, not to mention dementia, can all be traced back to the agricultural world’s high-handed decision to frack with our flour. I’ll keep reading, and do a lengthier report soon. In the meantime, I’m rethinking my consumption of carbohydrates, as should we all.


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