Black Fried, Eh? Quebec Consumers Happily Confused

Yesterday, on a cold, snowy day in November, buses on Montreal’s West Island were over an hour late picking up passengers because the traffic around Fairview, one of the city’s mega-malls, was choking the roadways. Cars were crawling in and out of the huge parking lot as hundreds and thousands of people raced to take advantage of advertised sale prices. We’ve become the live puppets of the retail world, happy to catch the virus coming out of the USA. Of course, our retailers are equally happy to have another excuse to cram us into their stores.

Black Friday, now the busiest annual shopping event in the USA, just proves beyond any doubt that the marketing world is playing us and winning. It’s a completely fabricated “sale day” that millions of consumers have literally “bought into.” It’s a retail feeding frenzy timed perfectly to empty our wallets before the end of the year. So what if it puts us in debt? That’s a growing business too. Most shoppers don’t realize to what extent they have been suckered; they’re too busy finding a parking spot or a shorter line-up at the cash.


If it wasn’t so funny, it would be truly pathetic. It’s not even a national holiday in this country! And still we get suckered in and race to the stores. Those retailers are laughing all the way to the bank.

2 thoughts on “Black Fried, Eh? Quebec Consumers Happily Confused

  1. Merchants are slashing their prices in an effort to get sales but what they don’t realize is that if they can slash those prices so much for a 2 month period, why should any of us be forced or expected to pay full ticket prices for the rest of the year??


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