Black Friday is Black Magic, Indeed

Marketing guru Seth Godin tells it like it is, in his latest post #BlackFriday = media trap. Of course, consumers who thrill to the adrenalin of shopping as a sport will not care. Black Friday has become a US phenomenon that the media love; the reality show that pits shopper against shopper as audiences wait to see — Who will get hurt in the stampede for toys? What nonsense will unfold when punches start flying over the last sale item on the shelf? Just think of the vicarious glee we will all get watching from the sidelines, and the FREE publicity that the stores get for being front and center in the news.

Sad, but true. Many of us have become live puppets for the marketing world. Smart shoppers are well-advised to stay clear of the carnage. All those items on sale? If they’re priced that low, then chances are they were priced too high to begin with. Which means that, eventually, they will go down in price anyway. If you don’t buy, you don’t buy into the hype.



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