Greed and Ugliness over New iPhone

In my book, I point out the fact that status-seeking sets consumers on a competitive track. If we want to win the label of “best-dressed” or “best-accessorized”, we have to keep up with the trends and be hot on the trail of new stuff. The marketers of Apple products have been very successful with the concept of SCARCITY. Make something scarce and rare, and it becomes more valuable. Most of their marketing strategies are based on this simple premise, along with high-end pricing to ensure perceived value. Apple’s pricing makes their loyal fans able to walk around and say “You get what you pay for.”

“The violence unfolded as hundreds of people stood in line for hours, a handful of them for several days, waiting to buy the new iPhone 5S or the 5C. Another added element this time, aside from the heated brawls, was the fact that 80-100 people in line were shuttled in from Skid Row.”

Well, you get what you ask for, too. When you encourage customers to line up for special pricing and limited availability, you bring out the “beast” in them. A recent brawl at a Pasadena, California, Apple store on Friday, September 20/13, barely made the news. We’re getting too used to this ugly behaviour.

The next time I see a kid have a fit in a grocery store because his or her parent won’t buy some sugary cereal advertised on television, I’ll be reminded once again of the strong emotional link created by the marketing world of “I have to have it.” Until then, this is the best example of how adults handle it. In reality, greed is the adult form of childish wanting, overgrown and in full force. Add exploitation to greed, and it gets really ugly.

Full story here.


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